Superintendent charged with DUI resigns

By Phil Pendleton  | 

Moments after calling an emergency meeting to order Tuesday morning, the Laurel County School Board went behind closed doors, where they met for just under 30 minutes. Their specially called meeting happened three days after Superintendent David Young was arrested.

The arrest report states Young was allegedly more than three times over the legal limit and that he had to be forced out of his truck and into the police car and handcuffs. His alleged actions on Tuesday resulted in his letter of resignation.

“I would move we accept the resignation of Mr. David Young tendered in writing to this board,” board member Ed Jones motioned.

David Young has worked in the education field for more than 37 years. Now as far as what the board would have done had he not resigned, the board chairman says that he knew that David Young was too classy of an individual and he knew that Young would do the “right thing.”

After accepting the resignation, Chairman Charles “Bud” Stuber read from a statement detailing the board’s action.

“The board was prepared to take action with regard to this incident, but the board has accepted his resignation and no further board action is necessary,” he said.

Deputy Superintendent Denise Griebel was named the acting superintendent.

“This incident has been a distraction in the education process, but it is now behind us and we will focus on the education of students in Laurel County," Griebel said after the meeting.

School officials say an interim superintendent will be named later but it could be three to six months before a permanent superintendent is hired.

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