14 warming centers used in Pike County

By Whitney Burks | 

PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Arctic temperatures are leaving some county and city officials preparing to get people out of the cold.

Officials are opening warming shelters all throughout the region.

Step outside and temperatures are struggling to get into the teens.

"With this type of temperatures and wind chills it's just a dangerous situation for anybody out there, so here at the city we decided we would go ahead and immediately open our center and have it up and running," said Pikeville Public Safety Director Paul Maynard.

As a safety measure Pikeville City and Pike County officials opened 14 warming centers throughout the county at several community centers and senior centers.

"If you're out in it too long it can be deadly if you don't have a warm place to warm up," said Doug Tackett, Pike County Emergency Management Director.

Officials say limiting your time outside is always best because it only takes a few minutes for things to go wrong.

"Hypothermia will set in quickly. Frostbite will set in quickly. Anytime you get negative numbers and exposure to the skin it's just a matter of minutes," said Maynard.

So if you find yourself in need of a place to stay or just a few minutes out of the cold Pike County officials say they have you covered.

Several other counties have also opened warming shelters.

Contact your local emergency management office for information on where those are.

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