Measure Would Assure Kentucky Students Of Longer Summer Breaks

Measure would assure Kentucky students of longer summer breaks
FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - An outcry from parents may force lawmakers to consider lengthening summer breaks for Kentucky students.
State Sen. Joey Pendleton, D-Hopkinsville, is pushing a measure
that would bar classes from starting before late August - a mandate
already in place in 11 other states.
Pendleton said the legislation faces an uncertain future in
Kentucky where leading lawmakers have refused even to consider the
measure in past years. They contend that local education officials,
not lawmakers, should decide when to start classes.
"I've always been for local control, but from what parents are
telling me they have no voice in what local officials are doing,"
Pendleton said.
Monica Froedge, spokeswoman for the group Save Kentucky Summers,
said children need longer summer breaks.
"They're not ready to go back to school" in early August, said
Froedge, who has sons 12 and 14 in the Glasgow school district.
"It's still brutally hot out. We don't want our kids in triple-digit temperatures on school buses."

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