Region Wakes Up To Snow

By Angela Sparkman | 

Several inches of snow fell in the Big Sandy Region. People spent all day clearing it, but enjoying it too.

People in the Big Sandy woke up to several inches of snow on the ground. The calendar says March, but people we talked to don't mind giving up a weekend of spring for some snow.

Pikeville City Worker Paul Adkins started shoveling snow the moment he woke up.

"Try to clear the sidewalks, the streets for the people, make everything safe," Adkins said.

The job started with several inches on the ground.

"It's pretty nasty. It's a wet snow," Adkins said.

But others don't mind.

"Well, I'm just glad we're having some snow," said Jean Shockey of Pikeville.

It still caused a few problems. Rosa Chaney had to go to work and says she almost didn't make it in the snowfall.

"It was bad. The closer I got to town, the worse it got," said Rosa Chaney of Pikeville.

But she and others are still enjoying the winter wonderland in March.

"It's beautiful, I love it! I love it," Shockey said.

"I said this morning when it came down, oh, I'd like to put my Christmas tree up! It looks so much like Christmas. It's such a pretty downpour. It's hard to believe Easter is right around the corner," Chaney said.

The mix of seasons and snow before Easter doesn't surprise Paul Adkins.

"It can happen anytime in March, you never know, summer one day and winter the next," Adkins said.

And he'll keep shoveling as long as winter is here.

Pikeville crews did get everything cleared and salted on the roads and sidewalks, but believe it could turn to ice overnight and just like everyone else has said, they recommend enjoying the March snow at home tonight.

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