Jalapeno Pepper Linked To Salmonella Cases

By Kmberly Burcham | 

Nearly 15 weeks after the first salmonella case was reported, investigators have found their first infected plant -- not a tomato but a jalapeno pepper.

It's an ingredient used heavily in Mexican dishes.

El Azul Grande in Hazard is having to make do without jalapenos in order to keep customers from being at risk for salmonella.

The outbreak has sickened more than 1,100 Americans so far.

El Azul Grande employees say they took fresh jalapenos off the menu two weeks ago.

“It was really hard because we use on a lot of stuff, we use jalapenos on it, so we have to put like, some more kinds of spices,” Jose Manuel Hernandez said.

The pepper in question comes from Mexico.

The FDA says the contamination could have come from anywhere like infected soil, water, packing boxes or even contact with other produce in Mexico or the U.S.

FDA officials say processed, cooked or pickled jalapenos are safe to eat..

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