Three Day Walk for Breast Cancer

I walked with my best friend Laura Bluett who knew my mom well.
By Dara Rees | 

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives, but people nationwide are taking a bold move to find a cure.

The Breast Cancer 3-Day is a 60 mile walk raising money for breast cancer research. WYMT's own Dara Rees just finished the walk.

The Breast Cancer 3-Day takes place in about 15 cities across the county raising millions of dollars for breast cancer research. Dara's feet are still sore from the Atlanta walk, but my reason to walk is worth every step.

Day One started with rain and thankfully ended indoors.

Through the rain and the sun, walkers did not forget their reason for the 60 mile journey.

Jackie says, "My mom, she's a six year survivor."

Terri Rittenberg from Atlanta says, "We are here, doing this walk in memory of some friends, and those to come, our children."

It was Linda Cheek's first walk. "I am walking for my sister. She is an 11 year survivor. She is my inspiration, and she's everything to me. She's courageous and strong and I'm walking for her."

Dara Rees is walking in memory of her mother. She died of breast cancer three years ago. Rees says she thinks about her every day, but knows she's helping with every step.

The second day lead 3,500 walkers through northern Atlanta, but sunshine made each mile a little easier.

"It was beautiful, this morning we were at our first pit stop, and when the sun came out, people started screaming and throwing their arms up because they were so happy. I've never been so happy to see the sun," says Laura Bluett from Chicago.

"It's incredible, the experience is wonderful, even though we got totally poured on last night, even that didn't dampen anyone's spirits," says Linda Cheek.

The day ended in a sea of pink, thousands joining together for one purpose.

By day three, trips to the medical tent were inevitable and lunch couldn't come fast enough.

Walker Wendie Koshowsky says, "It's awesome. It's amazing to see 3,500 women joined together for a cause."

As the miles stretched on, family and friends gathered at cheering stations to help the miles speed by.

It's Robert Gray's first walk. "It's pretty incredible. You see people on the streets cheering and clapping and stuff, I even get choked up with that."

Jackie Thompson from Atlanta says, "It's wonderful, it's awesome, it's a lot of stubborn women that are going to do it."

Including Wendie. "I'm walking for my aunt, who is terminal with breast cancer."

Wendie spent a night in the hospital with after injuring her foot on the second day. "I am going to cross the finish line, I am going to walk the last quarter mile on my crutches."

About four miles from the end, the blisters are rough, but walkers are ready to finish the 60 miles.

Crossing the finish line was unforgettable as 3,500 of your new best friends cheered you on. At the closing ceremony, every walker raised one shoe to honor the breast cancer survivors in pink that shared the 60 miles. The survivor circle raised the three day flag to remind everyone we are one step closer to a cure.

The Atlanta Breast Cancer 3-Day raised more than 8 million dollars for breast cancer research.

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