McKee Police Chief Resigns Leaving City Police Department Empty

An Eastern Kentucky town doesn't have any city police after their police chief, the only police officer, resigns. The mayor of McKee says Chief Robbie Peters turned in his badge and gave a verbal resignation Monday, but the reason behind it all, is where the controversy begins.
McKee is now without a city police department. The one and only officer was Police Chief Robbie Peters. That was until Monday.

"He resigned verbally and said he'd put it in writing too, but we don't have that yet," said McKee Mayor Dwight Bishop.

When asked why Peters quit, the mayor didn't have an answer.

"I don't know, when I gave him his check he gave me his badge and a backup gun the city supplied," Mayor Bishop said.

However, the Jackson County Times quotes Mayor Bishop saying it all stemmed from an accident on August 26th when Peters wrecked the city cruiser and allegedly refused to take a drug test if the city didn't pay for it. The chief was then suspended with pay.

"The wreck was worked by Constable Johnny Peters, who is the chief's brother," said Jackson County Sheriff Tim Fee.

When questioned about the crash, Peter's brother, constable Johnny Peters said no comment and quickly left.

Police say that same night, even more trouble stirred in the family.

"That same night, we arrested his son on drug possession charges and that was meth," said Sheriff Fee.

Mayor Bishop says the Kentucky State Police and the Sheriff's Department have agreed to patrol the city until a new chief is hired. The mayor says several people have applied for the newly opened police chief position. In the meantime, Robbie Peters has not been charged with any wrong doing