Some Barbourville Residents Calling For Smoking Ban

Georgetown, Ashland, and Morehead are just a few of many Kentucky cities that now have some type of smoking ban and now another could be heading in that direction. Residents in Barbourville want to snuff out smoke in their community.

John Sizemore says he can't sit down at a restaurant with his family without inhaling smoke. He thinks Barbourville needs to ban smoking in all public places.

"I had one deliveryman tell me he has to hold his breath when he goes in to deliver supplies," Sizemore said.

Sizemore has already gathered fifty signatures of others, including children, who support him. The proposal calls for no smoking in cars carrying anyone under eighteen years old.

"They'll open the door and smoke comes rolling out. There's two kids in child seats exposed to that cigarette smoke," Sizemore said.

The idea of a smoking ban is already stirring up angry criticism.

"I don't think it's anybody's business who smokes cigarettes. If I want to smoke one, I'll smoke it," said Alonzo Brown.

Members of the Barbourville City Council say they'll take a serious look at a possible ban. John Sizemore says he's getting support from restaurant owners who say smoking hurts business.

"They're just taking it a little too far. If they can't stand cigarette smoke, stay at home," said Clarence Merida.

The city is expected to have a public forum before passing any type of smoking ban.

The Barbourville City Council is also looking at bans in other Eastern Kentucky cities as a model in drafting their own ban.