Sheriff's Department Loses Funds

By Jon Sonnheim | 

A recent routine audit by the Department of Criminal Justice Training found several violations in the Clay County Sheriff's Department, including court security officers being utilized as road deputies and not attending proper training.
And several people in the Clay County 911 system being illegally sworn in as special deputies among other things.

"Unfortunately if one person is out of compliance, then the whole agency is." says Steve Lynn, Assistant General Counsel for the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.

"All this boils down to is it costs these deputies a little money," says Clay County Sheriff Edd Jordan. "They were getting for their bonus, and the deputies need all the money they can get."

Department of Criminal Justice Training officials say the KLEFPF accreditation is not necessarily vital to an agency like the Sheriff's Department but it is suggested.
And those that don't attend their training, don't have the authority to arrest.

But Sheriff Edd Jordan says those in Clay County have nothing to worry about and that for small departments like his, it may actually be better to get cut off from KLEFPF standards.

"You can hire who you want to hire," says Sheriff Jordan. "You've got to go down there and be in tip top shape to do it, and you can't send level headed men down there with some age on them, and get through it."

Department of Criminal Justice training officials say that not every agency in the state participates in KLEFPF.
Meanwhile, Sheriff Jordan says that he's trying to do what he can, to get his department back on track with KLEFPF, and get the money back to his deputies.

The problems found in the audits according to the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet include:
-A court security officer/bailiff was being illegally utilized as a road deputy
-Three court security officers/bailiffs had not attended the required training for their positions.
-The POPS file of Deputy Sheriff Shane Jordan was incomplete.
-The director of Clay County 911 system had been illegally sworn as a special deputy.
-A Clay County 911 telecommunicator had been illegally sworn as a special deputy.
-a copy of a deputy sheriff's GED had not been provided to the DOCJT Compliance Section as requested.
-Numerous Form Fs documenting employment changes within your department had not been forwarded to the POPS office in the time period mandated by law.