Police Searching For Suspects Following Church Robbery

For the fourth time in three years, an Eastern Kentucky church has been broken into. Church members say they are hoping you can help them find who stole thousands of dollars worth of church property.

Sunday's service at the Maple Street Church of God in Hazard was about forgiveness as the pastor told his church goers to not worry about material things.

"The most important thing is the soul of the person that decided they had to stoop low enough to break into a church," said Pastor Mike Smith.

On Friday, the pastor and other members found their church had been broken into. Someone broke the glass out of the back door and stole almost three thousand dollars worth of church property. Several electronics were taken out of the youth class rooms.

"Their programs are on CD's and on VCR's and they got those because they were still in the machines that they took," said church member Peggy Collins.

Several items were also taken out of the sanctuary which Pastor Mike Smith says affected his Sunday morning sermon.

"We would like to have our stuff back. Those are instruments of worship used in God's house," Pastor Smith said.

The church members say they will forgive whoever broke in and ask they just return their items.

"We use these things to worship and preach and things like that and you're thinking to yourself, how in the world can anybody think a church is a good place to go and steal stuff," said Youth Minister Lane Gregory.

Pastor Mike Smith says this is the fourth time the church has been broken into in three years and they just recently bought a door to replace the one the glass has been broken out of again.

If you have any information about the break in of the Maple Street Church of God, you can call the Hazard Police Department at 606-436-2222.