Man Escapes Police Custody Three Times Before Being Apprehended

Pikeville Police spent Tuesday morning searching for a suspect they say was driving in one of their own cruisers.

Police say a burglary suspect stole their car during his arrest, but that was the first of his three escapes.

Pikeville Police say they responded to a call of someone stealing things out of cars at a motel. They say they caught 19 year old Justin Paul Young with the stolen items, but little did they know their car would be next.

"We were in the process of getting those items out of his vehicle and placing them into our vehicles. During that time, our backs were turned to the police vehicles," Det. Phillip Reed with the Pikeville Police said.

He says when they turned around, both Young and the police cruiser were gone.

"He managed to get the cuffs out from behind him, and pry open the glass to the cage and gain control of the police vehicle," Det. Reed said.

Reed says they immediately called for back up and the hunt was on.

"I was familiar with the area and the direction he went. We were able to locate fresh tire tracks on an old logging road," Det. Reed said.

He says they found Young and the car in the woods. Police say they arrested him again and he was on his way to jail until his third escape.

"Somehow he opened the back of my car and jumped out, so the foot race was on again," said Dep. Tim Bentley with the Pike County Sheriff's Department.

Deputy Bentley says he was determined not to let him get away.

"He jumped over a bridge at Island Creek and I jumped over the same time," said Dep. Bentley said.

He says he landed on top of Young, and for the third time this day, Young was caught. Bentley says this time he made it to jail with no escapes. Police say they're still trying to figure out how he got out of handcuffs twice, stole a police car, and escaped from another cruiser.

Pikeville Police says Young is charged with 12 felonies, including burglary and fleeing and evading arrest.