Magoffin County High School Locked Down After Threat

By Angela Sparkman Reports | 

The Magoffin County Sheriff says a teenage boy called a suicide hotline Thursday night and was acting very disturbed. He says he went to check on the teen's welfare, and that's when he says he learned the teenager was planning a school shooting at Magoffin County High School.

Parents lined up all morning after hearing a student's alleged plan to kill.

"Oh, I was all upset, nervous, everything," said Nora Walters.

Sheriff Bob Jordan says a 15 year old freshman confessed an alleged plot to him Thursday night after the boy called a suicide hotline and counselors thought he was dangerous.

"He just kept saying that people were picking at him and picking at him and he was tired of it and he wanted to take care of them and then he would take care of himself afterwards," Sheriff Jordan said.

Sheriff Jordan says the student told him he planned to kill the security officer, then four students and a teacher.

"He even went as far as to say he had a couple of other friends who were going to carry this out with him, but at no time did he say who these friends were," Sheriff Jordan said.

Because they didn't know which other students were allegedly involved, police and school officials put the building on lockdown.

"Checking all students with large coats, purses, trying to ensure nothing was brought in," said Magoffin County Superintendent Joe Hunley.

Once word spread around town, school officials estimate parents picked up about 500 of the schools more than 700 students.

Police say the student allegedly making threats is still in custody and undergoing a mental evaluation.

School officials say they have no plans to close and will stay on lockdown next week.

"Taking all the measure that we know, trying to ensure safety of the students," Superintendent Hunley said.

"You don't know what could happen tomorrow or next week. You just pray and hope your kids will be safe at school," said Melinda Sprague, whose daughter attends Magoffin County High School.

Police have not identified the student or those he allegedly threatened to kill, but the sheriff says he was a straight A student who recently got his first B and was having girlfriend troubles.