Eastern Kentucky Schools Celebrate Veteran's Day

For the first time ever, Breathitt County has held a week long veterans celebration which concluded Friday. Hundreds of people were in attendance for a ceremony honoring all United States Veterans.

"They have handed to us all those things we get to enjoy today and that's why I think we need to honor them for the contributions they've made to us as a society," said Vietnam Veteran Ervine Allen.

The area schools were in attendance to learn from veterans the importance of their war heroes. A black hawk helicopter landed on the high school field as a surprise to the crowd. After the ceremony, everyone was invited to see what it's like inside a military helicopter.

Several veterans in attendance say they hope people recognize veterans for their service every day.

Another ceremony was held at Bell County High School Friday morning honoring veterans of all major U.S. Conflicts.

Local veterans of each of the wars were recognized for their service and serenaded with patriotic tunes sung by the high school choirs. Veterans of recent wars say it's a honor to stand side by side with those who fought in other wars.

"Makes me proud to be associated with this group of men. I was in Afghanistan for a year. A lot of these guys were in World War II, Korean War for years," said Sgt. Daniel Tuttle.

"It really uplifts my spirits to know men of previous conflicts were honored. There's a day to honor them because they need to be honored," said Sgt. Chase Jones.

The Bell County High School ceremony is a yearly tradition that began back in 1991.