Town Honors Mountain Warriors Currently In Iraq

An Eastern Kentucky city was not only honoring our nation's veterans Saturday, but our area troops as well.

Lisa Roark's husband is one of hundreds of Eastern Kentucky troops that are in Iraq and for Veteran's Day, many of the troop's families are trying to keep their spirits high as loved ones fight for their country.

"He'd emailed today himself talking about Veteran's Day and what I guess what a new outlook he has on it himself," Roark said.

Renata Farmer with the Knox County Extension Service says they wanted to organize a family fun night for families of troops and local veterans.

"It's a day to let them know that they are in our thoughts and prayers and it's a day also to let people in Iraq know that we're thinking of them," Farmer said.

The Barbourville Armory was full of kids and parents celebrating those that have fought for our country. Janice Mcvey says she is celebrating her son who is fighting for his country right now.

"I never thought when he was small that he would be a veteran and how he loves it too," Mcvey said.

Kids were able to put together their own little care packages to either send off through the local armories or send over seas themselves.

Families were taking pictures in front of the military vehicles and many kids also contributed to the care packages by making cards for their family members serving over seas.

Lisa Roark says if you would like to donate items for the care packages, drop them off at either the Barbourville or the London Armory and the items will go to all of the Mountain Warriors.

Monday, eighty more soldiers will be leaving from London to join the almost 500 Mountain Warriors already in Iraq.