Former Johnson County School District Finance Director Indicted

By Angela Sparkman | 

A Johnson County grand jury hands down an indictment against the school district's former finance director.

Peggy Vanhoose has 26 counts of theft by unlawful taking after allegations she stole money from the school system.

The grand jury reports states they believe, Former Finance Director Peggy Vanhoose put her son, Michael, on the school systems payroll in December of 2002 when he was in jail and then for the next 16 months, she wrote him a paycheck every two weeks and someone cashed them.

The grand jury report details each of the 26 theft counts against Vanhoose. Each count is for each paycheck police say she wrote her son Michael while he was in jail for 16 months. Each check is for a different amount, but it totals to more than $12,500. School officials say Vanhoose was never a district employee, so the grand jury report says Vanhoose "knowingly" stole the money by giving it to her son.

Attorneys and police investigators couldn't comment on the indictment, but did say the case is still ongoing.

The grand jury is expected to hear more on this case next month, but officials won't say what they're presenting.

Because the grand jury investigation isn't over, the school board attorney will not allow the superintendent or school board members to talk to us on camera. Superintendent Steve Trimble did talk to us some off camera. Trimble says he took over as superintendent earlier this year after this allegedly happened. He says he now requires two signatures on every paycheck to prevent this from happening again.

These are felony charges and if convicted, Vanhoose could face up to five years in jail and fined ten thousand dollars.