Construction On Pike County Jail Nearing Completion

By Angela Sparkman | 

After years of planning and a year and a half of construction, the new Pike County Jail expansion is expected to open soon and relieve overcrowding. But the expansion might not be enough for the future.

Pike County Jailer Rodney Scott says they routinely have about 100 more inmates than they have room for, leaving most with no beds.

"They get a mat, and a sheet, and a blanket, and a pillow, and they sleep on the floor," Scott said.

Scott says a new jail expansion is expected to be completed in the new year which will nearly double the size of the current jail.

"It will help us out a lot," Scott said.

The six million dollar expansion should give each inmate a bed and reduce the number in the cells.

Jail administrators say the new expansion will ease overcrowding, but they worry it may just be a short term solution.

"I figure within a year and a half, it'll probably be full," Scott said.

Scott says the jail population continues to grow at a fast rate, so in a few years, they could be back where they are now, overcrowded.

"I don't know. We'll just have to take it from there and see what happens," Scott said.

Scott says they're not worrying right now about overcrowding in the future, but they are looking forward to eliminating the current problems when the new wing opens.

Jail administrators are waiting on all the final state inspections before they can open and move in inmates.