Beshear-Mongiardo Breaks Out Of The Gate With Impressive Fundraising Performance

Frankfort, KY (Thursday January 4, 2007) - Steve Beshear, Democratic candidate for Governor and his running mate surgeon and State Senator Daniel Mongiardo announced today that they are filing their year end financial report with $219,019 cash on hand.

"We are delighted with this outpouring of support during the holiday season. This shows the excitement and energy surrounding this campaign," said Beshear. "With this kind of support, we will have the resources to run a positive campaign that speaks to voters from Pikeville to Paducah about our bold vision for Kentucky's future," said Beshear.

In just 17 days that included the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the Beshear-Mongiardo ticket raised $219,019 from 279 contributors. The $219,019 cash on hand includes $25,000 loans from both Beshear and Mongiardo.

"Daniel and I want Kentuckians to know that we are also willing to invest in Kentucky's future. We are willing to put our money where our mouths are," said Beshear.

Even if the loans are subtracted from the total, the Beshear-Mongiardo ticket has raised an average of $9,941 a day. Four years ago, Attorney
General Ben Chandler and Charley Owen announced their ticket on December 3, 2002. During the entire month of December they raised $268,500 over 28 days for an average of $9,589 a day.

Speaker of the House Jody Richards and Jefferson County Court Clerk Tony Miller announced their ticket on December 5, 2002. Over 26 days in December they raised $85,950 averaging $3,305 a day.

The former Attorney General and Lt. Governor of Kentucky announced his candidacy with State Senator and surgeon Daniel Mongiardo this past December 18th.

Beshear and Mongiardo plan to restore leadership to the Governor's office that works for the all the people of Kentucky. Focusing on strengthening our state's economy, our public schools and working to improve every Kentuckian's health care.