Family Holds Funeral For Woman Slain In 2000

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (AP) - More than six years after she disappeared, Patricia Ann Phillips' family was able to have a funeral for her Saturday.

"We've been wanting this," said Donna Newton, Phillips' mother, who lives in the Miamisburg house where her daughter was raised in southwest Ohio, about 25 miles north of Cincinnati.

Hunters near Hazard, Ky., found skeletal remains on a Floyd County mountainside Dec. 23. After matching the skull to Phillips' dental records, authorities notified her family Jan. 2.

Marcus Phillips, convicted more than two years ago of killing his wife, is serving a life sentence in a Kentucky prison.

On Saturday, the victim's mother and children, ages 12 and 6, held visitation and a funeral at the Brough-Getts Funeral Home in Miamisburg. Burial followed at Highland Memorial Cemetery.

Elizabeth Phillips, who will be 7 next month, is the daughter of the slain woman and Marcus Phillips. She was a few months old when her mother vanished and lives with her uncle and aunt, next door to Newton's home. Patricia Phillips' older child, Coty Greene, lives with his father in Kentucky.

Marcus Phillips, who was from Pikeville, Ky., had been living in Miamisburg. After 10 months of marriage, he and his wife left together on a road trip on May 16, 2000.

More than a year later, he walked into the Hollywood, Fla., police department and confessed to killing his wife. He told authorities he and Patricia had argued on the drive from Ohio and that he held her face underwater until she drowned.

A Floyd County jury convicted him of murder in October 2004.