Common Household Medicine Being Abused By Teens

By Heather Haley | 

Law enforcement officials say some common household medicines are abused by Kentucky's teens, but it may be hard for adults to catch.

You know them as cold and cough medications, but it's the drug Dextromethorphan that gives the abuser a high like feeling. Operation UNITE officials say adults can look out for physical side effects such as blotchy skin, itching, and sweating. The abuse of the drug can also cause vomiting.

"Its actually an out of body experience, a disassociation with reality, but many people drive while using those and its very dangerous," said UNITE Education Director Elizabeth Wilson.

Wilson says people take several times over the recommended dosage for a high feeling and it's possible to overdose. She also suggests adults listen for the slang terms like robo-tripping and skittles as possible warnings a teen is abusing cold and cough medications.