Eastern Kentucky High School Suffers Another Loss

By Heather Haley | 

An Eastern Kentucky high school has lost its fourth student in one school year.

Officials say Tasha Howard was riding in the back seat of a car involved in an accident on Hal Roger's Parkway. She was flown out to the U.K. Medical Center where she later died and now students at Clay County High School have lost the fourth student this year.

Students at Clay County High School lost another fellow student after Tasha Howard passed away after a car accident.

"We've had classes together ever since 7th grade. It was middle school when we first met. We just kept on talking and we got pretty close," said Ruth Anna Hall.

Hall says Howard was a sweet girl and she will be missed by many.

"She was always so friendly to me and she was a great person," Hall said.

Students say this school year has been tough for many.

"When Stumpy died and then when Frankie and Trenton died, it was really hard and you just tell the sadness in the school. You just sense it," Hall said.

Hall says graduation won't be the same this year.

"It's really hard to know that two people, Frankie and Tasha won't be in the line when we graduate," she said.

Some parents of Clay County High School students say it's hard to know so many kids have been taken at such a young age.

"It definitely saddens me and makes me nervous as a parent having a senior in high school. I think it's just sad for the families and friends," said Jalayne Ellis.

The visitation for Tasha Howard begins Monday at Otter Creek Baptist Church and runs through Tuesday. The funeral will be Wednesday at 2 pm also at the Otter Creek Baptist Church.

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