Organization Offering Many Health Insurance

By Julie Maloney | 

Eastern Kentuckians who don't have health insurance now have a little more hope. A Knox County Christian ministry is offering healthcare to anyone in exchange for their time.

This isn't your everyday health clinic.

"We prayed for a long time for this type of ministry, so we jumped at the opportunity to come here," said Robert Carlson.

Carlson is a worker and patient at Good News, a free, faith based health service.

"I'm not insured, I'm self employed, so I don't have health insurance," Carlson said.

Dr. Charles Stargel, a founder of the ministry, says three weekends a month, certified physicians and nurses volunteer their time and energy to provide healthcare free of charge.

"I wouldn't go to the doctor unless I was just dying because I couldn't afford it," said Faith Estridge.

"We're going to help you. We're going to do everything we can to make sure you see a doctor and get you prescriptions," said Good News Coordinator Lisa Foster.

Foster says visits are free and the program helps the uninsured get medications at a reduced cost.

"They do lab work and they do it a lot cheaper than a normal doctor visit," Estridge said.

And the only thing these doctors ask for in return is time. Like Robert Carlson, patients are asked to give back to the community. Carlson started here as a patient, now he's a volunteer.

"It's wonderful. These people give their time. Not only time, they give their love," Estridge said.

The Good News Healthcare Ministry is looking to expand further into Eastern Kentucky and is looking for volunteers.

For more information on the Good News Healthcare Ministries call: 606-546-2718 or visit the website at

If you are interested in sending a donation, send it to:
P.O. Box 1706
Barbourville, Ky 40906

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