Bodies Of Two Brothers Found In Trunk Of Mother's Car

By Heather Haley | 

Emergency crews spent several hours searching for two missing Laurel County boys but when they were found, the family's worst fears came true.

Emergency crews searched for more than 4 hours trying to find two young boys near their Laurel County home. Family members say they thought the children had wondered off to play. Now police say that play time might have led to their deaths.

"They were two fun loving boys that died a tragic death. Any grandfather would be proud to have them as their grandchildren," said Larry Rush.

Rush says his grandsons, 11 year old Coty and 8 year old Chase Baker were the best of friends. He says they were very energetic and loved to run around the area and play with friends.

"I had hopes that they went over to a subdivision over there with some of their friends or something, playing a video game," Rush said.

State police say family realized the boys were missing around 6:00 Saturday evening and they called police around 8:00pm for help in their search. Coty and Chase were found after midnight in the trunk of their mother's car.

"They noticed condensation on the window once the temperature dropped last night and that brought their attention to the car," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Don Troosper.

The car was parked at Rush's house across the street from their daughter's home. Officials say they believe the boys were playing in the car. Rush says the oldest boy, Coty, has played in the trunk before.

Rush says his daughter Hannah misses her two boys terribly. Coty and Chase have a one year old brother, Caden.

"They were very energetic. Loved life, loved their family and they loved to come over and visit us. They loved their little brother. Their little brother is really going to miss them," Rush said.

Investigators say the boys died of hyperthermia within the trunk of the car.

They are still trying to find out how the boys got into the trunk.

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