Multi-county ATV Park Could Come To Mountains

By Danielle Morgan | 

Some private land owners say they want to organize the largest ATV park in the nation...right here in southeastern Kentucky.
The trails would run through four counties...but officials say they want to hear more from residents before moving ahead with the project.

In Eastern Kentucky it's a path that could lead atv's, motorcyles, hikers, hunters, elk viewers, any tourist, you name it...through four...and maybe even five counties...and private land owner culley abner is leading the venture by offering an easement on his property...along with one other private land owner...inviting them all in...for free.

Culley Abner has logged the land, leaving trails behind already developed for off-road vehicles all that needs to be added, is some organization.

"Each community has got things that they're proud of has got their own niches so they need to take advantage of it," says Abner. "If it's a simple as something as a homemade quilt, hang it on the line and sell it."

Officials say the trails would run through Perry, Breathitt, Owsley and possibly Clay and Leslie counties. One community meeting was held over the weekend to hear what residents think about the project and Perry County Judge Executive Denny Ray Noble says the only concern there, was litter.

"We will have trail heads that will take care of that and hopefully we'll have people that will guard that and make sure everyone's safe and have a good time," says Noble.

Project leaders say they are planning several more community meetings so residents in each county can voice their opinions and ideas.