Pike County Road Closed For Railroad Repair

By Angela Sparkman | 

Drivers are making alternate plans while railroad workers repair a crossing.

The railroad and crossing on Kentucky 195 is closed until at least Monday leaving coal trains stopped and drivers in Marrowbone taking alternate routes. CSX officials say these repairs have to be done or else there could be a train accident in the future if they don't.

You won't hear any train's traveling these tracks for a week, only the sound of construction. CSX officials say these tracks average nearly 800 trains every two weeks.

"This is one of the most heavily traveled lines there are, in this country," said CSX Roadmaster John Fortune.

Each train carries at least 100 cars filled with coal. Add that up over the years and it's a lot of wear and tear on the railroad.

"We want to keep our stuff in good working order," Fortune said.

The railroad is closed for eight days while workers replace 16 miles of track from Shelbiana to Elkhorn City. Fortune says they'd rather do this than have an accident in the future. He says coal companies aren't complaining and prepared for the weeklong train delay. One road at a crossing is affected and closed on Kentucky 195 in Marrowbone.

"Even the folks who use the road and are inconvenienced today know that in the long run, they'll be much better off because it will be a much smoother ride and easier on their vehicles," said Highway District 12 Spokesperson Sara George.

"There's no negative impact. It's all positive. We keep the trains upright, keep people safe, and we run coal," Fortune said.

Running coal is what they'd rather do, than clean up an accident.

CSX officials believe the highway can reopen Friday, but the railroad is closed until the work is done.

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