Tips To Save Gas Money On The Lake

By Peter O'Conner | 

High gas prices can certainly affect your driving habits, but what if you're taking to the water these days? The Boat Owners Association has released a top ten list on how to get the most bang for your buck out on the water.

If you’re like me, you enjoy getting out on the lake, but with high gas prices, having fun in the sun can get expensive.

"My tank is fifty gallons. It cost $175 more towards $200 to fill it up," said Boater Travis Warf.

It is no secret Americans pay a lot at the pump per week, but at the marina, several boaters told me they pay an average of a hundred dollars or more per tank.

"There's people here that will spend over a hundred dollars in a weekend, or over a hundred dollars a day in gas," said Carr Creek Marina Manager Jeff Whitaker.

Thankfully boaters have help. The Boat Owners Association of the United States, or BOAT for short, recently came out with some helpful tips for boaters looking to get more bang for their boat. First, boat light, don't overload your boat. Next, give your boat a tune up. Third, keep your boat clean. Last, go with the flow of the tide when possible and if possible make the switch.

"Best way to cut down on gas is to have a four stroke motor on your boat. The old two stroke motor used a lot more gas than the four strokes do," Whitaker said.

Despite paying maybe one hundred, maybe two hundred dollars for a tank of gas, boaters around this marina say they're not going to let those high gas prices get in the way of them having fun on the water.

Officials say if you're a boating and using jet ski's, you should expect to pay an added forty to fifty dollars more at the pump.

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