Drought Taking A Toll On Area Farmers

By Heather Haley | 

Despite some rain here and there, the drought still very much continues across the mountains and it's taking a toll on many things. We talked to some local farmers who say without a lot more rain, locally grown produce could be in jeopardy.

Farmers in Eastern Kentucky come to the Perry County Farmer's Market every week to sell produce but for some, this summer's drought has made business slow. Willard Smith says the short periods of rain recently have helped his vegetables a little bit, but they still need a lot of rain.

"You've got to buy your fertilizer and stuff and your seed and if you don't grow anything you just lost it," Smith said.

EPA officials say only a few inches of rain have fallen in Eastern Kentucky in the last month. Officials with the Hazard-Perry County Tourism Office organize the farmer's market and they say the drought has not only affected the produce quality, but how many farmers attend the market as well.

"Last year, we had many more vendors up to this point and the produce was much more abundant than last year than it is this year," said John Epperson with the Hazard-Perry County Tourism Office.

So smith says all he and other farmers from around the region can do is hope for more rain.

The Perry County Farmers Market is every Wednesday and Saturday through the last weekend in October.

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