Court of Appeals Withholds Ruling Allowing Lee Ford Marina To Be Annexed

By Peter O'Connor | 

It's been a long running dispute at an Eastern Kentucky marina whether to allow alcohol sales. Tonight, it's settled, at least for now thanks to a Kentucky Court of Appeals ruling.

The decision involves a marina near the Burnside community in Pulaski County.

The United States Army Corp of Engineers and Lee Ford Marina were set to agree to have the marina be a part of Pulaski County commerce.

"They annexed the property and then there were some disgruntled legislatures," said Lee Ford Marina Owner J.D. Hamilton.

But two Burnside councilman opposed the pending agreement and filed suit. Friday, the Kentucky Court of Appeals reversed a 2006 ruling that temporarily voided the annex.

"Really for us, it was all about the consistent employment and being able to provide a better experience for our guests," Hamilton said.

With the decision handed down and likely to remain permanent, marina guests expect to see nothing but positive returns.

"I think it helps the area grow and its certainly nice to be able to enjoy your dinner with a glass of wine or beer," said John Augustine.

"As time goes on, I think this area is going to become a little more commercialized and I think this is going to add to the overall value of the community," said Ken Wood.

The case remains controversial simply because not since the 1930's have they been able to sell alcohol here around Lee's Marina area.

The land annexed spans around eleven miles and is owned by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

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