Body Of Missing Eastern Kentucky Man Found; Suspects Arrested

By Marie Luby | 

Police have identified the body of a missing Eastern Kentucky man they say was murdered and arrested several people late Saturday afternoon.

Doyle Swiney went missing Wednesday in Morgan County. The sheriff says Doyle was murdered later that night, and he says the killing was well planned.

Morgan County police found a dead body Friday night in a creek bed off Highway 711. They say the body was a Morgan County man missing since Wednesday.

"Yesterday evening we received a call on a suspicious vehicle on Highway 711 near Wrigley. Deputies came down and checked it out. They came back with the subject's name, the name of Doyle Swiney," said Morgan County Sheriff Mickey Whitt.

Whitt says the 58 year old Swiney had been dead since Wednesday. He says the caller who led police to the body witnessed Swiney's murder and felt guilty about keeping it a secret.

"There were four people involved with the murder and like I say, two of them are now in custody and a third we're trying to get a hold of. The other is a juvenile," Whitt said.

Police say the killer brought Swiney to the river bank, hit him once with an aluminum baseball bat, and then took two thousand dollars in cash.

"He was killed with blunt force to the head," Whitt said.

Whitt says the killer had a carefully thought out plan to lure Swiney here, but he couldn't reveal what that was. He does say the incident was planned as a robbery.

"I'm sure there will be some pretty serious charges," Whitt said.

WYMT has learned that late Saturday afternoon, police charged four people in connection with Swiney's murder. 27 year old Jonathan Brown is charged with murder and first degree robbery. 26 year old Michael McDavid, 19 year old Jaclyn B. Ferguson, and a 15 year old female are all charged with conspiring to commit murder and robbery.

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