Perry County Magistrate Arraigned

By Marcus Conroy | 

A Perry County Magistrate and candidate for Judge Executive, accused of illegally selling alcohol, pleads not guilty to two charges in district court.

Bubby Combs is facing two allegations of illegal alcohol sales at a BP station he used to own. He was arrested on February 23, served with a warrant dating back to 2008. He was later charged with selling alcohol to a minor.

Combs says he is innocent, and told us after the arrest that he believes this is all political dirty tricks.

"Since I'm running for judge, I figure somebody politically up in town is trying to hurt me. Then they come back and get me on the whole charge," Combs said in February.

On Friday, he was arraigned for that charge, in addition to one count of selling alcohol on a Sunday.

"The community would want people to abide by these rules. Even though alcohol is allowed in this county, people still expect their rules to be followed," Prosecutor Howard Keith Hall said.

Combs pleaded not guilty to both charges.

"He is confident that if that is not done, that he will go to trial and will be vindicated," Combs' attorney James Hampton said.

Both Combs' attorney and the prosecutor say politics will be left out of the proceedings.

"We wanna take that out and not consider that at all. Anytime you're prosecuting a case like this, you want to remove that," Hall said.

"He would trust that the public understands that anyone can bring up a charge, and that these things are resolved in the court system. He does plan to vigorously defend both these charges," Hampton said.

Combs will be back in court for a pre-trial hearing on May 28. He could face up to 90 days in jail on the charge of selling alcohol to a minor.

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