Study Reveals Plan For Safe Troop Withdrawal From Iraq Within A Year

WASHINGTON (AP) - Most U.S. troops can be withdrawn safely from
Iraq in roughly one year.

That's the conclusion of a study released by a Washington
think-tank called the Center for American Progress.

The report says the military needs to work on a specific
timetable now. Without one, it says, U.S. troops and overall
national security "will remain hostage to events on the ground in

An orderly withdrawal would take about a year. But the troops
could be out in three months, if they leave most of the war
equipment behind.

The Center's plan calls for the bulk of U.S. troops to be moved
initially to Kuwait, with a force of about 8,000 staying behind in
the touchy Kurdish region for another year.

A brigade and about 70 to 80 warplanes would remain in Kuwait

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