School Bus Driver Suspended After Child Left On Bus

By Jeff Allen | 

A child is left behind on a school bus and the driver is now suspended. It happened in Knox County where a five year old was found alone on a bus after officials say he apparently missed his stop.

The boy's grandmother says she started to worry when the bus never dropped her grandson off from school. Knox County officials say he was in a hot bus at Knox Central High School all alone.

"When his grandpa got him off the bus, he wasn't even able to stand up. He had to be packed into the house," said Delores Eversole.

Eversole says her grandson, Hunter Warren, was hot, sweaty, and frightened after finally getting off the bus Tuesday afternoon almost an hour late. Knox County School officials say the boy fell asleep and missed his stop.

"The windows were rolled up, door was shut, and Hunter was yelling for the teacher," Eversole said.

It's standard procedure for bus drivers, at the end of their stops, to do what's known as a post trip walk-through where they check all the seats to make sure all the kids are off the bus.

"You do have these smaller children you can not see them when they go behind the seats, so that's our standard procedure," said David Cole with the Knox County School System.

School officials say the five year old was on the bus for a few minutes when a custodian heard the boy yelling for help. They checked to see if he was alright and then sent him home to his grandmother who has many questions.

"What if he'd laid on the bus asleep and nobody found him in this one hundred degree heat," Eversole said.

A spokesman for Knox County Schools says the driver involved is suspended as the school system investigates the incident.

The child's grandmother tells us they did take the boy to the hospital but he is fine and even returned to school today, but he did not ride the bus.

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