New CT Machine is one of the most advanced

They're calling it the "Hot Shot" of medical machines in eastern Kentucky.

People across the region are coming to Hazard to try out the newest CT machine designed to help physicians diagnose hard-to-spot illnesses.

One of the newest and most advanced CT machines is right here in Hazard.

Officials at the ARH Medical Mall Imaging Center say they are one of the only locations in the region that has this new state of the art machine.

It not only gives off lower doses of radiation, it also adjusts to your size, gender and even weight.

Paula says they have also purchased CT shields for the machine which protects the patient from damaging their thyroid, eyes and other parts of the body.

The medical imagining center offers outpatient services as well as extended work hours.

For more information on this service you can call the center at (606) 436- 0737.

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