Couple Accused Of Child Abuse Appear In Court

By Angela Sparkman | 

Testimony reveals new details about the man accused of stuffing baby wipes down a baby's throat.

Shauna Childers and Jonathan Crum are both facing charges. Wednesday morning police testified that Crum even has a past incident on his record of threatening the life of a child.

Childers and Crum just met two weeks before her month old son had baby wipes in his throat. Both deny intentionally hurting the child, but police paint a different picture.

Childers says she loves her child, but police say she left him alone with an intoxicated man she barely knew. Neither she nor Jonathan Crum spoke in court, but Detective Mike Goble relived the day Braden Childers almost died.

"He hollered at her, the baby's choked, help me," said Kentucky State Police Detective Mike Goble.

Childers says Crum was on the porch with her baby blue and bleeding from the mouth. She says they found one baby wipe in his throat and took it out. Then she went to the hospital alone where doctors discovered another one.

"She did not have any intention to harm that child," said Childers' Attorney Steve Owens.

"She said Jonathan Crum tried to kill her child," Goble said.

The detective revealed Crum is also charged with threatening to kill a child in Scott County and says he sells drugs and appeared high the day the baby choked. Childers even told police twice Crum covered the baby's nose and mouth to make him stop crying. Crum told police this is an accident, saying he gave the baby the wipe to play with and he swallowed it.

"No way possible for that child to have placed this wipe in its own throat, let alone two of them," Goble said.

Childers says she regrets her decisions.

"She wants to see her child," Owens said.

Childers' family tells us baby Braden is out of ICU, but he might have permanent damage. Both defense attorneys asked for the charges reduced, but the judge refused. The case now goes to the grand jury to decide.