AEP officials say they will cut off electricity to water treatment plant

By Angela Sparkman | 

Salyersville city officials received word last week that if they did not pay the electric bill by this Friday, AEP would cut off the electricity!

The city of Salyersville owes more than $80,000 in overdue electric bills for the water treatment plant.

Wednesday night, the Magoffin County Fiscal Court held a special called meeting to pass giving the city money so the water will stay on.

Laura Howard depends on water at her restaurant job. She says no water means no business. "It would be pretty bad here. We'd have a lot of unhappy customers because we couldn't cook. It would really be a disaster," Howard said.

The water is in danger of being cut off to more than four thousand homes and businesses in Magoffin County.

Pfficials say the Salyersville City Water Treatment plant owes nearly $86,905 in overdue bills to Kentucky Power. The power company could shut off electricity at the plant on Friday.

"The county government is going to work with the city government in any way that needs to be to ensure our citizens get water," said Judge-Executive Charles "Doc" Hardin.

The Magoffin County Fiscal Court is giving the city of Salyersville 50-thousand dollars to pay the electric company to keep the water running.

"That gives them a chance to get things straightened out, and then we're going to put all the options on the table and deal with the long term solution," said Hardin.

Salyersville Mayor Pete Shepherd was unavailable to comment because he was out of town on Wednesday dealing with the financial deficit.

Hardin says the debt already existed when Shepherd took office three months ago and they are looking into to how it got so large.

Officials say the last audit for the water was five years ago.

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