Active meth lab found near city pool

By Whitney Burks | 

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - A Johnson County man is behind bars after police say he left an active meth lab near a city pool.

It is a place for kids and families out enjoying the summer sun.

"Nothing like that happens around here. It's a quiet neighborhood."

Tuesday night that quiet Paintsville neighborhood got a rude awakening.

Neighbors talked to us about it but were so shaken they wanted to remain anonymous.

"I saw a police officer in my front yard and I looked out to see what was going on and my neighbor hollered at me and had me come over there and they had found a 20 ounce pop bottle out in the alley behind her house."

But the content of that bottle was not soda.

Police say it was an active one step meth lab.

"The neighbors had seen a boy hide it down in the wood pile back there, and once they figured out what it was they called the police."

The woman who called police says the meth lab was found just behind her house which sits right across the street from Paintsville City Pool.

The citation says Charles Collier came back to where the lab was hidden and admitted to police he had been smoking marijuana and had the meth bottle.

"It's scary to know that our children can't come to the city park and city pool without that stuff being around them. They have no respect for anybody else's welfare."

Collier was arrested and declined our request for an interview.

He is charged with public intoxication, criminal trespassing and complicity to manufacture meth.

He is being held in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.

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