Advocacy group fights against animal cruelty

By Rebekah Pewitt | 

CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) - A Laurel County advocacy group is fighting against animal cruelty.

It only took one rescue for Jamie Medlin to create the group Justice for Abused Animals.

“It really started with Hope and Freedom when Freedom was in such bad shape, and my daughter took it and ran with it, and everybody else just joined in,” said Co-founder Lavina Johnson.

In the fight to change Kentucky animal abuse laws, Medlin met with senate candidate Amie Hacker Monday.

“If you’re sighted for the abuse of an animal, you don't have to surrender that animal you get to keep that animal until the judge decides. We'd like to see that changed,” said Medlin.

In the mean time, the animals stay at the Lotz o’ Mutz shelter ran out of Johnson’s home.

With a total of 40 dogs, at Lotz o’ Mutz 30 of them are adoptable.

Mrs. Johnson said she's very selective about where they go because of the reputation of animal abuse in the area.

Animals aren't the only ones that depend on the group.

“I've had people contact me about an animal that's been abused that I have gone to check on. I've actually had the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department contact me,” said Medlin.

They say they are hoping they’ll be a voice for the animals.

“They're gods little creatures, and somebody has to speak for them they can't speak for themselves so we have to do that,” said Johnson.

It is a job that they said they are happy to have.

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