Alcohol sales prove popular at several state parks

By Jordan Vilines  | 

It's been nearly one year since the Jenny Wiley State Park started selling alcohol and since then, business has skyrocketed.

Employees say they've seen an increase in everything from wedding receptions to dining room sales.

The recent boom of business at the park could be attributed to this year's mild winter or even the park's reasonable room rates.

But some say it's alcohol sales that are getting people spirited.

The park offers beer, Kentucky wines and liquor in the dining and conference rooms.

In the past year, the occupancy rates at Jenny Wiley have increased by 15%, which means that 2,000 more rooms have been booked this year compared to last.

Whether folks come for the boats or the beer, the wine or the water, the park's success is exciting for the employees and the visitors.

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