Bell Co. Board of Education declares opening in superintendent position

By Maisie Insko | 

Officials with the Bell County school system say their district continues to improve academically each year and the data shows it.

"The growth that we have shown on Kentucky Core Content, I would put up against any district in the state." says Bell County Superintendent George Thompson.

"We are only one of twenty one schools districts that meet the No Child Left Behind and that is a feat in itself." says board of education member, Arlene Burnett.

Despite these accomplishments the bell county board of education has decided to post an opening for the superintendent position.

"My contract ends June 30th." says Thompson.

So last week two board members made and seconded a motion to look at other options for the job, something Burnett was against.

"I see our district as a growth model and it's provided from the top." Burnett says.

But Thompson doesn't appear to be bothered by the decision.

"The board is doing what they certainly have a responsibility to do and that is to find the best person available to lead the district."

As a matter of fact Thompson intends to re-apply for his position and asks only one thing from board members.

"Judge me by the results and I think that is fair." he adds.

Both Burnett and Thompson say they want the school to continue in a positive direction no matter who is in the top position come next school year.

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