Better "U" Expo comes to Corbin

By Samantha Saracino | 

February is cancer screening and early prevention awareness month. The Kentucky Cancer Registry website shows that Eastern Kentucky has some of the highest cancer rates in the state and that is why one of the main focuses at the Better "U" Expo in Corbin was cancer prevention.

It was a night full of healthcare and wellness, spread out across various booths at The Arena in Corbin with demonstrations, screenings, speakers and new medical technology. But one of the main focuses was cancer prevention.

"You're in charge of your own body so you have to be sure you're on top of these things. Again, it's often curable if it's caught early," said Amy Wise from the Commonwealth Cancer Center.

"I feel that cancer is one of the number one things that we need a cure for, that's why I'm here, to find out all the information and materials that I can." said Maryanne Worley, who came to check out the booths at the expo.

Many are personally affected by cancer.

"Cancer does not discriminate. We all have been touched by it at some point whether it's a loved one or a friend," Wise explained.

For example, Phil Smith. His brother died from cancer. Smith stresses the importance of getting checked.

"Pain is an indicator in our body that something is wrong. Don't take advantage or think that we know what caused that pain or what's causing it...get it checked," he said.

And there is no better time than during cancer screening and early detection awareness month.

If you missed the Better "U" Expo, it will also take place on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at The Arena in Corbin.

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