"Black Tar Heroin" shows up in drug bust

By Angela Sparkman | 

Police find an uncommon drug during a bust.

Pikeville Police say a traffic stop led them to find "black tar heroin."

Pikeville Police Detective Phillip Reed says this substance is dangerous.

Police found it after pulling over a woman on suspicion of driving under the influence After they charged Kathleen Sneed with DUI, officers say they found napkins full of drugs in her car.

Police call it "black tar heroin," a drug rarely found in Eastern Kentucky. "I think this is just the third time I've seen it in ten years I've been here," said Det. Reed.

Sneed is now also charged with drug possession and illegal possession of a weapon for a handgun officers say they found in her car.

Police want to stop the spread of this drug, saying black tar heroin can cause lots of harm to people.

Now detectives are trying to figure out how it got to Pikeville. "It's definitely opened up an investigation to try to find the whereabouts, how it's coming in, who's bringing it in. It's still under investigation at this point," said Det. Reed.

Police say Sneed also had cocaine, and they are investigating that drug as well.

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