Break-ins in one neighborhood increase police patrol

By Jerrika Insco | 

Back-to-back break-ins in a Hazard neighborhood have police patrolling more than usual.

One Hazard neighborhood is on a close watch after back-to-back break-ins more than two weeks ago.

Two neighbors called police just minutes apart.

"The Hazard Police Department received two calls of break-ins here on Skyline Drive," said Hazard Police Officer Bradley Couch.

The two homes were hit back to back between the hours of noon and four p.m.

"They obviously know that the people was not going to be home between these hours," said Officer Couch.

The burglars kicked in the front door of the first home.

"Two big screen televisions was taken from the one home along with several power tools. A total of 24,000 dollars worth of merchandise from one home," said Officer Couch.

And the burglars stole lawn equipment from the next.

"In the second residence, an out building was broken into. I think the perpetrator stole a weed-eater from an out building," said Officer Couch.

Possible suspects were seen in the area a few days ago.

Hazard police say to contact them if you see anything out of the ordinary.

Police say Hazard Mayor Nan Gorman insisted that police patrol the area in hopes of catching the burglars.

Since the break-ins, police say they have made four or five trips through the neighborhood a day.

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