Burglaries In Van Lear

By Sean Evans | 

Tina Webb is the director of the Coal Miner Museum located in the center of the Van Lear Community. The museum along with several residents have been victims of burglaries and attempted break-ins for months and she says they have had enough.

"Everybody wants something done. And they're all watching out for each other. We've started neighborhood watch meetings, we've had them for several months now," said Webb.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department says increased patrols both day and night have not been enough to locate those involved in the burglaries.
Police have reason to believe that Gary Lee Gamble is connected with some of the burglaries, and is wanted for questioning.

"Should you find Mr. Gamble, people should not approach him. He has an extensive record, some of it is an assault record, so we want to assume that he could be dangerous," said Sgt. Matthew Ferguson of the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.

Webb says the Sheriff's Department is meeting with community members, teaching them signs to look for to stop crime.

"There has been patrols out as far as the neighborhood watch going on, and we pass all that information to the sheriff's office."

Van Lear has a neighborhood watch meeting the second Tuesday of every month.

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