CPA Offers Tax Return Insight

By Steve King | 

David Collins, a CPA with Collins & Love in Pikeville, says one deductible that many people miss is charitable donations that you have receipts for.

"Any cash contribution with cash that you make you have to have a receipt to deduct it. It's not that you can say well i did it and here's when I did it. You have to actually have a receipt," said Collins.

Collins says that tax software is valuable for some, but that you should get personal information off your hard drive to avoid identity theft.

"After you do that make sure you get that downloaded onto a disc to save that and don't save that on your hard drive. The IRS never contacts people for personal information by email or social media," Collins said.

"Just put it all in one place as best you can. make that a point. that's not sophisticated. but it works better than having no system," said Collins.

Collins says the most important strategy to save money during tax season is organizing all relevant information in one place.

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