Cities finalize fireworks prep

By Mitchell Grogg | 

Perry County, Ky. (WYMT)-- Cities are finishing preparations that in some cases began in February for Independence Day firework shows.

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"You've got to have site preparation, which we usually do a couple weeks prior to the shooting of the fireworks," said Sam Stacy, Hazard Fire Chief.

The preparation in February usually involves booking fireworks companies to come into town, Stacy said. Later preparation includes clearing brush from the place where the fireworks are to be set off.

Finding the right place in a small mountain town can be difficult.

"If you shoot five- and six-inch shells, you have to be five and six hundred feet away from anyone, and the areas we've got to shoot from, that's hard to do," Stacy said.

Those plans also must be approved by the state fire marshal and a permit must be obtained.

In Vicco, the man in charge of the fireworks is also a volunteer firefighter, who takes precautions.

"There's a hose actually up at the site," said Gary Ward, display coordinator for Vicco's fireworks show.

The celebrations cost between $7,000 and $12,000, a cost Stacy said is worth it.

"It's something that actually brings business into the city limits, because you have all these people coming in and we have restaurants right in the area," said Stacy.