Coaching legend visits southeastern Kentucky

By Maisie Insko | 

Many know his story. But it is a rare opportunity to hear it from the man himself, which is why there was standing room only in Robsion Arena Thursday morning.

The famous coach could have spent all of his time talking about himself and his coaching experiences as the head football coach of the T.C. Williams Titans. Instead he educated the younger generation about the legacy of another legend, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"It is up to those of us who were around during those times to pass along the legacy he left for all of us." says Coach Herman Boone.

The one thing Boone hopes these students take with them is a motto both he and King seem to live by.

"You don't have to like people, that is your choice but you do have to respect them." he adds.

And by the standing ovation the crowd gave him, Boone is more than just respected.

Coach Boone, who is now retired, spends him time traveling around the country inspiring others.

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