Coal supporters host weekend rally in Logan County, West Virginia

coal mining
(Coal mine photo courtesy US Geographical Survey)

Groups such as Citizens for Coal, The West Virginia Coal Association, and the Logan Coal Vendors came together for the rally.

They were joined by local miners and their families who found strength in their numbers and the common cause.

"Every coal miner in this county should stand up and scream that it's time for change," miner Randy Atwood, who works at Aracoma said.

Cherrie Nelson, a miner's wife who lives in Logan, was happy to attend a movement so close to home. "We came to support coal and the coal jobs in West Virginia," she said. "We need these jobs."

The event began with a gathering on Middleburg Island about 4 p.m. Participants made signs and T-shirts to alert the community, but organizers aren't satisfied with stopping there.

"We want national attention...we want a national audience," Dennis Adkins, treasurer for the Citizens for Coal group said. "We need to go with coal as long as we possibly can until we find an alternative."

The group then marched across the bridge to downtown Logan, where they joined speakers who echoed their message at the Freedom Festival.

Atwood says he lost his job once and fears that it could happen again - so he felt he had to come out and join the movement.

"I believe it's time for our families to have better than waking up wondering if we have a job or not," he said.

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