Cold weather tips for our cars and trucks

By Eric Eckstrom | 

We all know these frigid temperatures can affect our physical health, but the same holds true for the health of our cars and trucks, and the auto workers I spoke to say there a few, but very important, tips keep in mind as the cold weather continues.

If you're an eastern Kentucky auto owner, pay attention! These next few tips will make you and your four-wheel companion set for the cold season. Tip number One:

“During these times you really should keep your tanks full of gasoline because of the condensation that will build up in the tank and keeps the water out of your fuel system,” says Charles Frazier, general manager of Tim Short Ford in Hazard.

Tip Two:

“Salt will get under the lip here and this will start to rust over time. So when you start seeing rust around here, it's because they have not sprayed the salt off the car,” says Adam Bentley

Tip Three:

“You want to make sure you have winter washer fluid. They do make a winter and a summer. You’re winter will not freeze, it's usually good for below zero temperatures,” Bentley said.

Car technicians say that quite possibly the most important thing to understand about the health of your car is to make sure it's always loaded with anti-freeze.

“If you run your car without anti-freeze, what's going to happen to your car? your car is going to freeze up, you’re probably going to bust your radiator, crack your head, and you are basically going to destroy your engine and the radiator,” Bentley said.

Auto workers have other suggestions such as watching for low tire pressure as well as lifting your wipers off the windshield when parked to avoid breakage...but no matter what issue you encounter, they say it's never a bad idea to have it checked out at a local service stations should issues arise.