Concealed weapons law a sensitive debate on college campuses

By Brittany Nauta | 

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) A group of students at the University of Kentucky are pushing to change a law to one that allows college students to carry concealed weapons on campus.

It is a sensitive debate in Perry County after three people were shot and killed in the Hazard Community and Technical College parking lot in January. The triple murder made officials take a second look at their crisis management policy, but some students still worry about their safety.

“If someone had had a weapon nearby maybe they could have helped maybe there would have been one less murder,” said student Gabriel Knight.

“We don't see that deadly weapons is conducive to a learning environment nor does it promote campus safety,” vice president of student services, Doug Fraley said.

“I don't feel safe because of all of the shootings that have been happening,” said student Kayla Caroll.

Fraley says that student safety is a sensitive but this campus' concealed weapons policy follows state law.

“We do not allow deadly weapons on our campus outside of compliance with the law and inside the car,” Fraley added.

Some students on campus feel this law protects them.

“I wouldn't feel safe if people were allowed to carry weapons,” student Tierra Barnett said.

But others disagree.

“I feel pretty safe on campus when I know that I have a weapon on my person,” Knight said.

Fraley said protecting students is their top concern and the school does drills each year to prepare for a crisis on campus.

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