Consol lays out recovery plan for W.Va. miner

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) -- Consol Energy plans to use a 40-foot pipe and a Louisiana dive team to recover a bulldozer operator sucked into the Robinson Run slurry pond last week.

Vice President for Safety Lou Barletta said Wednesday the pipe will be lowered into the pond. Water jets will flush out silt as the pipe moves toward the dozer. Divers will enter through the pipe and work by touch to locate the driver.

Consol doesn't know the exact location and position of the dozer or whether the victim is inside.

If that doesn't work, a sheet-piling wall will be built around the dozer. Teams would pump out silt before divers enter to search.

No timetable was given, and Barletta didn't take questions.

An embankment collapse sent the dozer into the pond on Friday.

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