Cost for health care reform causes concern

By Kendall Downing | 

Late Wednesday members of the House voted to repeal health care reform. That has local doctors and patients on edge, as the future remains unknown.

It's a job that he's had for a while.

"A long time, a third of a century," said Dr. Mitchell Wicker of the Hazard Clinic.

Dr. Wicker said he has seen a lot in his years of practicing medicine. But nothing like the fight over reforming and now repealing healthcare.

"We want to be sure that everybody's taken care of, but that we also will be able to pay for it when the economy is so hard hit anyway," said Wicker.

Most political experts agree. They said it's about dollars and cents.

"Part of the debate will turn toward the spending of the future. How much of our gross national product can we afford to spend?" said Mike Duncan, Former Republican National Committee Chair.

"Something has to give on healthcare, and the problem for many states and Frankfort is figuring out what to do given the absence of certainty on any of this. This could take a long time," said Bob Babbage, CEO of Babbage Cofounder.

That's time that patients and doctors will spend waiting in limbo.

"Not knowing what to do or exactly how to react toward it," said Erma Wells, a clinic patient.

"It takes a lot to take care of people. I think that's what it all hangs on," said Wicker.

Now it's up to those in Washington, as what they decide will affect our health here at home.

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